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Since 1993 Bonza Dog Kennels has been the choice manufacturer of wood pet-houses for customers throughout Australia. Prior to the company’s inception, the range of products on the market was limited, costly and of poor quality. Jim Kendall, a master craftsman with more than 40 years of experience in the building trade, noticed the lack of better options available to people and decided to put his skills to good use by creating the first Bonza Dog Kennel. From then on Jim has successfully expanded the BDK range to include outdoor kennels in different sizes as well as indoor kennels – even custom pet houses, cat cubbies and coffee-table cat houses.

By selecting only high-quality components and sophisticated construction methods, Bonza Dog Kennels has deservedly established itself as a leader in the industry. From using zinc-plated screws and tough 12 mm A Bond plywood in forming the foundation to using zinc-aluminum ridge capping and metal doorway capping in enhancing the finished product, the company has made the conscious effort to deliver world-class commodities – all at competitive prices.

BDK products are meticulously designed and constructed using materials that offer maximum resistance to damage and maximum comfort to pets. The timber used in manufacture is carefully reinforced to prevent cupping, bowing, warping or twisting; moreover, it acts as a natural insulator that feels wonderfully cool in the summer yet delightfully warm in the winter. This fusion of durability and comfort has always been a trademark of each item in the BDK range.


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